DBMS announces partnership with Direct Connect

Now you can get best in class credit card pricing and gateway usage combined with high performance computer systems. Using an enterprise class gateway, unbeatable rates and live, skilled support technicians answering your calls, Direct Connect is the number one solution for the retail business owner who wants to get the best solution, rates and service.

Our representatives will consider your current situation and determine a sensible solution for your business.

The Best American Express Pricing. Period.

Think you pay too much for AMEX, well not anymore. Direct Connect offers a brand new AMEX rate reduction program. This has never been offered before, but through DBMS, Direct Connect can save you hundreds of dollars when accepting AMEX. Sign up today!

Enterprise Class Gateway

With tools like EMV certified terminals, - Direct Connect provides you the tools to protect and keep your business in compliance.

$7.25 Billion Visa/MC Settlement

Sign up today and get automatic filing for YOUR SHARE of the Visa/MasterCard settlement. If you processed transactions between 2004 and 2012 then you are qualified to receive a rebate from Visa and MasterCard. Get the money you deserve.

Grow your business

Ask how Direct Connect can help you grow your business by introducing you to more customers. And, for a limited time, get $100 from Direct Connect when you sign up.

DBMS and Direct Connect

The best credit card processing package for your business. Save money - join today.

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